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Zoroastrian Shahdom of Arya

Imperial Coat of Arms of Iran
Coat of Arms

Justice He Bids Me Do,As He Will Judge Me

Anthem: "(ANTHEM NAME)"


Capital Tehran/Kabul
Largest city Tehran
National language Farsi
Demonym Persian
Government Shahdom
 -  Shah Aran Pahlavi II -Queen Saroh Afsheir I
 -  Prince Davand I
Religion (Main) Zoroastrianism
 -  Minor Religions Babylon,Jewish,Islam
 -  (A ACT) 2028
 -  (B ACT) (DATE)
 -  (C ACT) (DATE)
 -  Total 1,651,285  km2

IDK sq mi

 -  Water (%) 0.8
 -  2033 estimate 184 Million
 -  Density IDK/km2

IDK/sq mi

GDP (PPP) 2032 estimate
 -  Total $IDK billion
 -  Per capita $IDK
GDP (nominal) 2032 estimate
 -  Total $IDK billion
 -  Per capita $IDK
Gini (2011) IDK
HDI (2013) IDK
Currency Persian Toman
Time zone (UTC−Summer to −DST)
 -  Summer (DST)  (UTC−IDK to −IDK)
Drives on the rigeft
ISO 3166 code ir.
Internet TLD ir.
Imperial Coat of Arms of Iran

Imperial Coat of Arms of Iran.

[SoI] The Shahdom of Arya

The Zoroastrian Shahdom of Arya gained independance when

The Rebels took Tehran after the rebelion the government has

spent Millions of Tomans on Military Projects to Protect their 

nation from Islamic Threats and enemies.

Military: Arya has a large military a total of 2.7 Million Soldiers 800,500 Troops active and the rest are reserved soldiers.It has made alot of advanced jets and tanks.The best light tank it has right now is the Cataphract-1 Light Tank and the best Heavy MBT It has is the Zulquifar-4.The Qaher-313 is its main jet right now it is the most advanced and strongest jet in the middle east.

History: Arya has 1 Puppet States which is Azerbaijan.

Religion: It has the largest zoroastrian population in the world 92 Million zoroastrians are in Iran.2 Million zoroastrians are in Azerbaijan right now and 8 Million in Kurdistan as well as 7 million zoroastrians in Afghanistan and 287,409 Zoroastrians in Turkmenistan and 28,000 In kazakhstan.12 Million zoroastrians are in India right now in the Indus Vally and Mumbai,etc there are 80,000 Zoroastrians in north american and 2 Million in Europe.

Industry: Iran has a big industry its most Industrial City is Masshad which has up to 17+ Factories.Railroads have also been upgraded and a few more built connecting to Qeshem Island as well it goes through the Zagros and Elbruz Mountains.

Economy: Iran economy has been growing fast it has lots of trade agreement and is the Largest Natural Gas Producer in the World as well as Pomegranate and is the 3nd Largest oil producer in the world.It also has Silver,Iron,Steel,Copper,etc lots of things as well as coal.

Foreign Relations: India,Japan,Indochina,Turkey,Kazakhstan,Mongolia,Russian Federation,Australia,Italy,Eastern China.

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