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The Zrathogog Race, which they are called in their Native tounge. Which is commonly known by other races as the Zoragogs. Zoragogs are described as short, blue, Inesect-Reptilian hummanoid. They are an aquatic race, evolving in the swamps of the lush planet of Fo'rika. They are excelent swimmers. Zoragogs have a distinctive sweet smell, for they like to eat fruit.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Zoragogs are described as an Insect-Reptilian look. Like a Reptile, they are covered in scales and have claws as well as being cold-blooded. Like an insect, they have four mandibles perfect for crushing rounded-fruit and chewing off hunks of meat off a kill.They also have 4 sensory organs on the back of their heads which picks up acoustic vibrations. Zoragogs are Sky blue an Aqua-marinish with dark blue strips that cover all of their body. Males have darker hues of blue then females. They have fins on the top of their thighs, shoulders, and tail. This helps them making them excelent swimmers.

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