Zelazo Wyspy is a small village in the North west of Poland, It is the capital of the Zelazo Voivodeship. It is set on an island on the oder river named Zelazo Island.


The culture of Zelazo is based mostly around the Iron industry here, The trainline takes large amounts of iron south and west to Berlin and Dusseldorf. The Vilkist Temple here has a courtyard that are called the stone gardens of bialy. The stone monument in the middle of the stone gardens is a testament to the Grand-Voivode Tomasz I who brought Bialy and Zelazo together.


Zelazo is based on an island at the mouth of the River Oder or Odra before it goes into the Lagoon. The island it is situated is small and only divided by small branches of the river. This is because on a topographyic level it is only a small lowland rise. As such it is quite good for farming aswell as the foundations of houses.


The economy generated here is mainly throught he iron industry. The mines close by are a supplying mine for construction across the midwest of the Nation. The Railroad that passes through is an interjection railroad and not a stop on the railroad, As such it isn't a waypoint in the route. The Village is a supply Village.


Historically Zelazo Wyspy has always been a major port. Two major battles were thought here. The most important of which was lead by the last Grand-Voivode to fight in battle. Tomasz I, Joined the former voivodeships of Bialy, Which controlled the seperated East, divided by the Oder. Together with Zelazo, That controlled the Lands in germany west of the Oder. The first major battle was a loss by Tomasz' forces and they were forced to retreat to Wroclaw, the second battle though was a victory for Tomasz and The tyrannical Self proclaimed Voivode of The Iron lands(Vojevod Z Zelazo Zemia) was taken out of power, and as a result his armies went on to take out those loyal to him.


  • Iron

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