Xzavier is a large nation on he eastern coast of Canada.

How Xzavir was formed:

Xzavier was formed when Canada land granted terriorie north of Cape Cod. at firs the settlement of Grechenheim moved to the terriory and began settling in. So far the population of the first ciy Greenville is close to 50,000 and it it still growing

Xzaviers Mining Industrie:

So far Xzavier has found little area's in which thy can mine at but thy have founf pockets of Iron and some Natural Gas wells. Right now Xzavier is looking to find Oil and coal due to them having lw ore resouces.

Power Sources:

Xzavier is currently running off of power plants run by Natual gases and water and also Ore refinary plants hav began providing a small chunk of power to the city of Greenville.

City Locations:

Greenville is one of a planned 4 city's located in Xzavier. The downtown area is close to a rive named Ucharden river. on the other side of the river is anothe city soon to be named Havland.

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