The world is facing serious over population problems in many places. As such this page will be used to work out just how bad that problem is. Projected and Actual populations of countries will be added to the table.

Country Projected population Actual population Credibility of value Difference from modern value for lands held
The Commonwealth Kingdom of Poland N/A 196,614,176 Worked out using population growth factor of 1%P.A +96,770,000
Hawaii ??? ??? ???-8,184,000
Republic of California 75,823,591


Population Growth Calculator. At a rate of 0.012 +20,102,045
New Esqueal 52,240,000 +10,000,000
Turkey 153,627,384 +78,627,000
Scotland about 6,250,000 1,282,200 Dah Polish Guy Told me :3

about +1,000,000

Republic of Central China ??? 136,295,104 hi  ???
Kingdom of Indochina
Kingdom of Spain Approx. 40 million Approx. 50,406,000 Mystery 
Total +97,415,000

A work in progress to figure out the change in worlds population. Over population could be a major problem that may have to be brought before the IU.

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