Here, you will find maps of the galaxy and all known occupied systems which shall be updated on a regular basis. Please note that only empires on the SEP Map will be marked on a map, as not all empires end up going through with their plans to construct colonies...


For obvious reasons, these maps are not and should not be taken as actual stellar maps. These systems are in no way realistic nor proper; all real world systems shown are either a coincidence or are misproperly placed. The galaxy we are in is also never specified, though it's generally hinted at that we're CLOSE to the Milky Way, that means very little when it comes down to what "close" means in terms of distance in space...

Our Corner of the GalaxyEdit



  • Stelaria
  • Yangiri Prime
  • D'tarak
  • DmitARia
  • Crzne
  • Bar
  • Da'Rem Proximus

System NameEdit


  • Planets here.

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