So you're creating your own empire?Edit

Great! We know this can all seem a little confusing at first, but we can garuntee you it's not as complicated as it looks!

But wait, before you can start your country you have to figure out where to put it! But, where???

Below will be political maps of all Continents (Europe, Asia, Africa, Austrailia, North America, South America, and Antartica). Each new shade of color represents a different country, the same colors will be used throughout the maps for each country; a Key may come at a later time so you can see which color belongs to who.

Just look at the maps and the geography, and see if there's an empty spot you might like to start your rising empire from. At the bottom of the page, we'll be adding in more and more links to websites we have found which we consider great for finding the maps of locations for your cities, so you can build that area's terrain.

Political MapsEdit

These maps are made based on a combination of data shown in the UMB Map Showcase on Cowkillers profile as well as data found on this wiki. It may not be entirely accurate and will continue to change as the Empires of Earth project moves forward and continues to evolve.


European Political Map

Updated 12/5/11.


  • Chevek
  • Mahtava Voima
  • Nuovo Imperio Romano
  • Thundaria


Asian Political Map

Updated on 12/6/11.


  • Aregon
  • Jinasus
  • Taiwan
  • Japan


African Political Map

Updated on 12/6/11.


  • Auronitia



North AmericaEdit


  • Canada,
  • Belka,
  • Gracana
  • Cenicia

South AmericaEdit


  • Gracana
  • Kharkov




Now that you have an idea of where you want to be, let's find some more maps for the terrain of the region. The above maps may of shown you the shape of the continents and where countries are, but the maps on these websites will generally also show you the terrain of those area, such as their mountains and hills, rivers and valleys, lakes, so on.

  • Google Maps:

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