• Hicksitopia

    Flag of Hicksitopia

    City: My city of Wenatchee is my capital city of the empire of Hicksitonia, it is a town for now but it will grow eventually, the citizens of Wenatchee are hard-working people that work on the farms and fishing boats hopeful to expand to greater heights, our village and army are gradually growing, sadly, because I do not have builders club, it is really more of a city state than an empire. The city of Hicksitonia has a unique history. After breaking opff of the United States in the Great Seccession of 2012, It strove to build America back up to it's former glory, with it being the capital. It is a mostly Christian society but people are allowed to follow whatever they believe, The workers of Wenatchee are great engineers, but create things more for efficiency rather than looks.
  • Training: Our training is much like that of the old American style, we train our soldiers in defending towns as well as attacking them, the way we train our Spec Ops troops is classified, but we can say that they are some of the hardest soldiers to defeat ing the field.
  • Battle: Our troops haven't been in a real battle yet, but they constantly participate in target practice and wargames.
  • Population: 8,573

Hicksitonian soldiers in training

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