Wargame: Minibuilding basically consists on the representation of a tactical map of a contested region in which the troops of each contesting player will be placed on proper scale facing eachother in order to decide the fate of the conflict.

How it WorksEdit

Basically, you will ask an admin to make certain map of certain conflict, this indeed means that you should be prepared withing a few days before actualy stating that such conflict will occur, after the admin arranges the map and your troops are placed, the battle will commence.

You will be able to control all of your avalible assets in the area and fight against your foe's assets, which will be made following certain rules which you must always abide to.


  • All of the assets will specify their armament before being put into combat, because this will limit them from being overpowered or not.
  • All of the orders given will be in a tactical language, referring to the fact that let's say, you want your planes to climb altitude, you must specify the unit and sait altitude. I.E. Hunter 0-1, Hunter 0-2 climb to 2000 ft.
  • Mind the range of your equipment, all of the map will have a grid to help you see the distances, however you must be weary of this, because if you don't follow this regulation you will be penalized.
  • All of the combat will be done in turns in order to avoid any movement prediction, let's face it, only few generals can even do this in real combat.
  • Infantry combat is TBD.
  • Map shall be divided into sectors, this can be captured by infantry or by naval assets.


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