The Voivodiary Waterways are a section of waterways in VVZBR that are maintained for trading purpose by the Voivodiary government, One line in particular has been outfitted to be able to take considerably large vessels, as such this line is the busiest.

Voivodiary Boat and Transport Vessel Classification(VBTVC)Edit

All boats are classified depending on both length breadth and displacement tonage, as stands only the Vistula-Bug canal-Dnieper line can carry ocean Class tonage from sea to sea.

Ocean class: a Length of 300meters+ these vessels are extremely heavy and the canals they travel are up to 60 ft deep An average breadth is given of the boats as 45m however this varies.

Sea class: Smaller boats, 270-300 meters in length, and average breadth of around 37m, they are adept at taking large quantities of goods inland on larger Canals.

River class: River class boats are between 100 meters and 270 meters in length an average breadth of around 17m they are often used to take goods far inland, or goods from far inland points to ocean going ports.

Divider class: Divider class vessels are anything up to 100meters that are not recreational vessels. these are often Dredgers, small cargo ships, crane ships, ferries,surveilance and the like.

Recreational class:Recreational class vessels are any vessel that are used for leisure purposes for instance a yacht, motor boat or house barge.

Vistulan BranchEdit

From the mouth of the Vistula the river can carry Ocean Class tonage to warsaw. From warsaw smaller river class is the maximum.

Port settlements along this branch:




Dneiper BranchEdit

Several large hydro electric damns, that subsequently flooded the rapids behind them in the flow of the river have made this river navigable by ocean class ships, Dredging and flooding has been percieved to harm the enviroment but further studies have revealed that many of the wildlife are adjusting well.

Port settlements along this branch:

To be continued

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