The Combine Empire, or the Universal Union is a massive galatic empire in the far far reaches of the Universe. It includes some advanced Space technology that many have not seen before. The Combine were formed 300,000 years ago, when one Galatic dictator, Jujarik, has united two galatic nations that were vast and were in war for centuries. The Combine consists of 3 Galaxies, and 4 Solar systems. The Combine are also well known for taking over Xen, and enslaving the Vortigaunts and other life in Xen and making them slaves.

640px-The Combine Flag

The Combine Flag


  • City 17, Combine Overworld

Leaders of the Combine:

  • Combine Advisors
  • Dr. Wallace Breen


Colonies of the Combine:

  • Galaxies:
    • ​Wujajonor
      • ​Kartar System
    • DF-127656678-766B
      • Xen system
    • GXIWBBLS-9998674526
      • ​Yxzkinwmpli System
  • ​Solar Systems and planets:
    • ​Kartar System
      • ​Horbor
      • Tainowl
      • Zwiksantliw
      • Vrata
    • ​Xen System
      • Xen
      • ​Nihnanatmh
      • Xizinimpont
      • Tlawirtrux
      • Voripu
      • Uukanalutiraiinaxutlamizik
    • Yxzkinwmpli System
      • ​Tarnutar
      • Korxor
      • Zeilamyu

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