United Republic of Southeast Asia

771px-Presidential Standard of Indonesia.svg

National emblem of Indonesia Garuda Pancasila.svg
Flag Coat of arms

"The Stars Always Shine Above Malay"


Great Malay

Capital Bangkok
Largest city Jakarta

Official languages

Indonesian, Malaysian, English, Mandarin and Tamil
Demonym Malay
Government Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic
- President Yak Kukarno
- Vice President Sakaroying Satwata
- Senate President Katawata Nirosatra
- House Speaker Yingluck Shino
- Chief Justice Donawatra Kato
Legislature Congress
- Upper house Senate
- Lower house House of Representatives
Uniting of Greater Malay
- Thai Monarchy Overthrown November 20th 2020
- Thailand and Greater Malay united April 14th 2022
- Current government December 30th 2025
- Current constitution January 1, 2026
- Land GurlIdon'tKnow
- Water (%) Something
- 2035 estimate 317,546,243
- Density Something
GDP (PPP) 2035 estimate
- Total 2.5 Trillion dollars
- Per capita Something
GDP (nominal) 2035 estimate
- Total Something garl
- Per capita GurlIdon'tKnow
Gini (2009)


HDI (2013)


Currency Malay Rupiah
Time zone Something
- Summer (DST) Something
Date format Something
Drives on the Left
Calling code Something
ISO 3166 code Something
Internet TLD .mly


The USGM's background started in 2020 when the Thai monarchy was overthrown by there military in 2020, shortly after, in 2022, Greater Malay and Thailand where united. Forming a republic that stretched across the Sunda islands and Thailand. The current government was formed in 2025, and the constitution was written in January 1st of 2026.


URSA's main legislature is the Congress, which has both the Senate and the House of Representatives. The country is lead by the President Yak Kukarno, and its Judical system is lead by Chief Justice Donawatra Kato.

The cabinet of the President consists of: The secretary of Defense, Agriculture, Education, Transportation, Attorney General, Interior, Commerce, Labor, Urban development, Energy, and Home Island Defense.


URSA's military statistics:

Navy: 331 ships and 164,000 personnel
Army: 570,000 soldiers and 1,114 tanks
Airforce: 950 aircraft, 385 helicopters and 82,000 personnel
Marines: 106,000 marines

Missile defense systems are also stationed across the country along with radar systems. There is also the Regional Peacekeeping Bureau, which has 350,000 personell and whom functions as a national guard for the states of URSA.

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