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The Lands of Gracana

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Gracana, pronounced "greys - on - ah", is a beautiful, ancient nation located in the area most commonly referred to as "Mexico". Established in the early 14th century, Gracana is amongst some of the oldest countries in the Western Hemisphere and has a rich, colorful history and vibrant culture. Having made contact with Western Culture in Europe and Western Asia in the 19th century, Gracana has recently become an economic power as people from around the world flock to their breath taking scenery, relaxing tropical beaches, and awe-inspiring ancient structures.

The Gracana People

If one were to be asked what the most diverse and interesting people in the world were, would it really come as a surprise that most would respond that the Gracana people meet such terms?


The Gracana people, or Gracanian's, are ranked as one of the happiest and healthiest in the world . Our culture, focusing heavily around values such as "Family", "Longevity", and "Freedom", has resulted in a nation which prioritizes developement, growth, health, and love. The Gracanian culture reflects on the exchange of cultural ideals between the native Gravana people and those of it's neighboring territories such as the Union of United Freedom as well as the rise of modern ideals such as a need for improving technology and health care.

You can find out more about Gracana's culture here: Gracanian Culture.


The Gracana people are a primarily liberal people, believing in the equality and freedom of all peoples as well as stressing the need to preserve and protect life and those liberties in general. While there are many political parties in Gracana, laws have been passed to ensure that political parties do not heavily control Gracanian politics, as they did several decades ago when the government nearly collapsed from inefficiency and party rivalries.

You can find out more about Gracana's Politics here: Gracanian Politics.

You can find out more about Gracana's Government here: United Coalition of Gracana.


The Gracana economy is a flourishing, growing force, making Gracana a major power in the region. Gracana is the leading nation in tourism, over all exports, and in fact is ranked as one of the largest economies in the world. Gracana is mostly known for industry, technological innovation, and rarer goods local to their climate.

You can find out more about Gracana's Economy here: Gracana Stock Market.

United Coalition of Gracana

United Coalition of Gracana (English)

Nahuatl Translation Not Available.

Coalición Unidos de Gracana (Spanish)

Amapian Translation Not Available.

Iso Koalito Gracana (Finnish)

  • Capital: Tenochtitlan
  • Demonym: Gracanian
  • Government:
  • Politics:
  • Official Language(s): Nahuatl (51%), Spanish (20%)
    • Languages: Nahuatl (51%), Spanish (20%), Amapian (2%), English (6%), Finnish (12%), Swedish (9%)
  • Economy:
  • Culture: Gracanian Culture
  • History: Gracanian History
  • Foreign Affairs:
    • ​Alliances:
      • None.
    • Defense Pacts:
      • ​None.
    • Wars:
      • Karkland Conflict: As a result of increased militarism, rapid border growth, mass annexation, civil oppression, government corruption, and several other issues which have risen of late from the Karkland regime, President Sabiduria denounced Karkland severed the long Alliance. Hostilities met a climax as Gracana was devestated by forces outside both parties control and as the Karkland fleet over-ran and sunk much of Gracana's surviving naval power in cold blood.
    • Foreign Aide:
      • Recieving:
        • Blank.
      • Giving:
        • Blank.
  • Settlements:
  • Important Landmarks/Monuments:

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