Union of Iberia

Union of Iberia

Unión de Iberia

UIC Flag Proposal 7 Coat 'o arms


"Para siempre unidos como Uno"

"Forever united as One"


"National Anthem of Iberia"

Hispania Iberia Fictitious state Estado ficticio M
Capital and Largest City




Laginian, Spanish, Portuguese

Roman Catholicism, Chaos, Islam





Hahir of Spain Alfonso XIV
- Hahir of Laginia A Person



Alfonso XIV

Legislature Parliament
- Upper house Senate
- Lower house Provinical House
- Pact of Ainar November 19th, 2033
- Official Union Janurary 1st, 2033
- 2040 census Upwards of 125 Million



UD$ ¿? Billion/Trillion


Euro (€)(EUR)

Date format


Drives on the


Internet TLD


The Union of Iberia, collaquily known as Iberia, is a large nation located across the Afro-Eurasian landmass. It's control of Gibraltar, Dardanelles, and the Suez enables it to control trade in the Mediterranean and contributes to the nation's wealth. Besides controlling Iberia, Gibraltar, Dardanelles, it controls several territories in Africa: Laginian North Africa, Spanish Sahara, and the Canary Islands, as well as 2 Pacific military bases. It is the largest sugar, soft drink, and coffee producer in Europe.


Laginian HistoryEdit

Spanish HistoryEdit

Portuguese HistoryEdit

Iberian HistoryEdit


Iberia consists of three major ethnic groups, Spanish (also known as Castilian), Portuguese, and Laginian. Various ethnic groups exist within Iberia however, including Galician (also known as Gostian), Morrocan Arabic, French, and Basque. The primary two religions practiced in Iberia are Catholicism and Chaos, however sizable minorities of Sunni and Indigeous religions exist, mainly in the African provinces.


Iberia is a monarchy. In the top the country is ruled by the Lagin. Right below him/her the Hahirs controls the Cemdors, or states, of Iberia. Below the Hahirs, a Prime Minister makes decisions with approval of the Lagin, although his decisions could be blocked by a Hahir in his/her respective territory unless the regional parliament votes agaisnt it. For most of the time, the parliament are free to decide, but the Hahirs and the Lagin can always deny or accept, without the parliament's advice, though such a veto can be overturned if 60% or more of the Provincial House and Senate vote to do such.. There is 100 spaces in the Parliament, depending on which parties won seats. If a Lagin dies or adbicates, either his eldest child becomes the new Lagin, or someone personally selected by the Lagin. A seperate Judicial branch exists, who can block any decision made from the other branches if it violates the Iberian constitution.

Economy & ResourcesEdit

The Iberian economy is noted as one of the strongest in the world. It's most notable companies are Navantia and High Ridge-Sang, which dominated the top spots of the markets. Basic needs such as welfare, education, and healthcare are provided for free by the government. Iberia also works to provide shelter and food to the homeless, who are most revelant in major cities such as Madrid, Ainar, Dajerino, and Lisbon. Iberia also host a variety of natural resources exploited by various companies. Iberia's primary exports include soft drinks, iron, copper, and coal. It's largest imports are timber, oil, and natural gas. According to a recent investigation, France is Iberia's biggest trading partner.

International Standing

IU Good Rep Icon CTO Logo 3
International Union: Member (Positive) Central Trade Organization: Member


Olympic Games: Participant International Football Association: Founder

Armed ForcesEdit

Iberian Infantry Forces (IIF) The main force in the Iberian armed forces. The bulk of the army lies within Spain, who contributes to more then half of it.

Iberian Naval Forces (INF)Edit

to be made

Iberian Aerial Force (IAF)Edit

to  be made

Royal Guard (RG)Edit

to be made

National Civilian Unit (NCU)Edit

The newest unit, it's main duties are to evacuate civilians in the case of natural disaster or total war, as well as dealing with terrorism and crime to an extent. Often this unit collaborates with the Royal Guard on missions.

Foreign RelationsEdit

Military allies- African Confederation of Gabon-CongoArgentine RepublicRepublic of FranceGermanic Union, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Republic of Quebec, Republic of TurkeyEmpire of Ethiopia, Federal Republic of ManchukoRepublic of Yucatan, Central American RepublicMoroccan Alliance, Nordic UnionCommonwealth Kingdom of PolandCommonwealth of Canadathe North Atlantic RepublicRepublic of California

Denouncations: None


Iberian media consist of various news stations, news papers, internet articles, magazines, and other forms of information. Due to the free press policy, Iberian media is varied depending on culture and ideology. 


The culture of Iberia variates much from where you are in the country due to the country's varied ethnic groups.

Laginian cultureEdit

In the Laginian part of the country the buildings are styled with marble and bricks. Arts mostly consists of writings and religious signs camoflaged into pictures.

Spanish cultureEdit

Culture in Spain varies from region to region. to be finished

Portuguese culture

Healthcare & EducationEdit

Iberia is known for it's healthcare, which is one of the best in the region. Being a socialist-leaning state, the healthcare is universal and is free to anyone who needs medical help. This has caused Iberia's life spawn and HDI to rocket. The healthcare is known to be one of the best in the world.

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