The Uberian Republic Picture

The Extent of The Uberian Republic

National InformationEdit

General InformationEdit

  • Population: 2,396 [1.4% Increase]
  • Resources: Iron Ore, Metal Processing, Weapons Manufacturing, Fishing
  • Religion: 88% Christian, 11% Protestant, 1% Atheist
  • Corporations: Uber Weapon Manufacturing Corp.

War StatusEdit

  • Allies: Trisandra (AA)
  • Enemies: None
  • Active Wars: None

​International relations score scale is Best: AAA, AA, A, B, C, D, F, FF, FFF :Worst

All International Relations Scores not listed is "C" by default.

Important BillsEdit

  • There is currently a bill that could illegalize the manufacturing of weapons for non-military use. The house has acccepted the law, 15 votes to 6. Now, the president must decide the fate of this bill before it is fully accepted.


Uberian Representative System

The Uberian Representative System

  • Government: Democratic Republic
  • Terms: 2 years, limited to 4 terms.
  • President: Mike Uberman (2nd Term)
  • Representatives: 21 House Representatives
  • System: Uberian Representative System


  • Location: Present-Day Hispanola
  • Climate: Warm and Humid, 30-35 C year-round


  • Uberia - Town (Pueblo) - Capital [2,396 Pop.]
  • Fort Fuerte - Village-Style Fort [815 Pop.]
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