UUF National Protection ProgramEdit

The UUF National Protection program is a program used to protect beautiful, scenic, gifts of nature in the UUF with national parks. The program began in 1908 when mining began in the Chisos Mountain Range, located in the Big Bend Desert. The people of the UUF couldnt stand to watch the beutiful mountains be ripped apart, so they had to do something. They protested, they fought, and they finally made the first national park, Emory Peak National Park. It was the first national park on earth at the time, and later many other empires began to follow the idea. From now on, beuty still exists, thanks to the UUF National Protection Program. There are currently 3 National Parks in the UUF, which are named below.

National ParksEdit

  • Emory Peak- Emory Peak National Park is the first national park. It is located in the Chisos Basin in the Big Bend Desert. Emory Peak was first discovered by Lmao the 1sts army. Even the cruel Lmao the 1st valued the beutiful view of all the cactuses and desert plants with the green Chisos Mountains in the background. It was more than a century away when people fought to make it a national park. It was then protected for generations to come.
  • Santa Elena Canyon- Santa Elena Canyon National Park is the second national park. People had been settling along the Santa Elena canyon for decades, and like Emory Peak...mining it. The story is the same as Emory Peak National Park, people fought, protested, and a new national park was created in between the settlements of Santa Elena and Emory.
  • Living Desert- Living Desert National Park is the newest national park, created in 2005. People kayaking along the Rio Grande as recreation have valued the beutiful, alive desert as much as the canyons and mountains. People have also realized that even the slightest cabin might mess up a view as much as a town or village or even a city. So everyone decided to make a national park while they still can, too keep the living desert living. Even though people were looking for lands too settle, and the big bend desert was probally the most open land they could possibly use, the Lmaoian government agreed and made a large national park along half of the big bend of the rio grande.

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