We are one of the strongest miilitary powers in the world.The command center is the Pentagon,Washington DC.All brachs are part of the departmenant of defacene.


The first one in, and the last one out. We are the toughest part of the US Military.
150px-USMC logo svg

Motto:Semper Fidelis

Marine Unites:3rd G.I.


Mostly Defencive, a important part of homeland defence.
150px-United States Department of the Army Seal svg

motto:"This We'll Defend"

Army Units:26thG.I. ,2nd armored, 37th Cavalry

Air ForceEdit

Keeping the Air safe.
150px-Seal of the US Air Force svg

Motto:Seek ,Attack, Destroy

Air Foce Units:23d Wing


They protect the seas of the world a very important branch of the military.
150px-United States Department of the Navy Seal svg

motto:"Honor, Courage, Commitment"

Navy Units: USS Liberty , USS Providence , USS Washington

National GuardEdit

Havely for defeace,for inavte soilders.
150px-National Guard Logo svg

motto:"Always Ready, Always There"

National Guard Units:28th G.I.

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