If you dont know already I am bomberXXX, the leader of the country known as Bartoh,our language is Bartese,basicly english with a few slants in writing. Bartoh consists mainly in New zealand with 2 (1 right now) settlements. Sockistania and Zetisin. a small fort lies between these 2 for protection, fort Zenia. the name come from the name of a retired general who gathered some volunteer privates and made some basic cabins and tents. after constant donations of scrap metal they were able to hire a mechanic and make a watchtower capable of holding up to 1,000 pounds. later on during a time known as the "craze period" this served as a place to help infected civilians.

||the crazed period is a time when a unknown enemy attack us by launching a crate full of a newly tested virus that infected nearly 80% of civilians killing a meare 2.7% after they were cured from desiase at the fort. It took 5 years to cure everyone||

I have taken some time to notice new possible counties near korea and indonesia. if these statements are true then I will start up what I like to call the WUUN. or the Western United Universal Nations. sometimes pronounced as "wuun" it consists of anyone beyond the middle eas and north.

also in further notice,i like pie :D ... ALOT

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