Turanga is a settlement within the UUF. It is the second largest settlement in the UUF, beside Emory. It is currently a farming town, and produces a forth of the UUF's farming crops.


Turanga is located along the Rio Grande. It is on the eastern side of the Santa Elena Canyon, in the Big Bend Desert. It is located in a desert biome, and is full of desert species, making it seem like a very alive desert. People LOVE to take a hike in its pristine desert enviorment.


Turanga is VERY dry, and the probability of rain occuring is only 1/30. The fact that so much farming is done here proves that the Rio Grande is truly amazing, and without it, who knows what central UUF would have to do for crops. In Winter temperatures can reach 40 degrees, and in Summer, 120 degrees. It has not snowed for 20 years in Turangas location, so for people who prefer hot wheather would LOVE to spend their winter vacation in Turanga.


Turanga has no history at all, except for its construction in 2051. The UUF were looking for new places to make settlements, and they decided to begin colonizing land beyond the Santa Elena Canyon.


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