Each unit has the modifiers of Damage, Armor, Speed and Health, called D, A, S and H. Furthermore, most of them has a special ability. For more info, check the War rules.


Swordsmen are the most basic units. These ranges from Longswords to Shortswords, Cutlasses and Katanas.

D: 4

A: 1

S: 6

H: 10

Ability: 1 hits Spearmen.


This a strong soldier for those who dosen't believe spearmen is enough.

D: 5

A: 1

S: 3

H: 10

Ability: These can't attack the 8 studs right beside them, but can attack all of the 16 studs beside the 8.


These are the heavy weapons. Don't stand in the way when these hammerers comes at you.

D: 10

A: 5

S: 1

H: 10

Ability: These harms everyone(even friends) around you with 10 damage, each time they attack.


If the swordsmen wasn't basic, this is. This includes every weapon which can have a pointy end on it.

D: 4

A: 1

S: 8

H: 10

Ability: Can 1 hit cavalry.


These are the ranged classes. Use these with care.

D: 2(4)

A: 0

S: 3

H: 10

Ability: Can shoot.


Watchout when these comes charging.

D: 3

A: 2

S: 10

H: 15

Ability: Every stud distance to the enemy increases the damage by 0.5

Catapults and BallistasEdit

"Use these on the walls". These are not included in the troop limit.

D: 100

A: 0

S: 2

H: 100

Ability: These can destroy structures. Can be captured if unguarded.


Only used on maps with sea. These are not included in the troop limit.

D: 0

A: 0

S: 10

H: 100

Ability: Can transport friendly units. It does not protect anything onboard, unless it is below deck. Can be captured if unguarded.


This is your character. Be aware this is deadly to him/her.

For stats, pick any of those above(not machinery) and put 10 into each of them.

You can only have 3 heroes per player at a battle.

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