Greetings, fellow UMB builders! This is Trisandra asking for people to join this audition, to become the governer of Shiveluch Region, in present-day Russia. If you wish to know the location of this region, search for Sredinny Range on Google Maps, or Google Earth, and it will be on the peninsula this mountain range is on. For more information on Trisandra, go to Trisandra.

Audition Example:

(words in parantheses dont need to be added)

  • (name) lmaorofllollmao
(picture of umb city to show your building skills)
(tell a little about yourself)
I like video games, my favorite music is Prog Metal, such as Symphony X and Dream Theater. I am a pretty smart kid, smarter than the majority of my school, atleast (etc...)
([optional] give a link to your roblox account)


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