The Trisandra Park System is the ultimate conservationist system in Trisandra, and one of the only in the world.

National ParksEdit

Shishaldin National Park

Shishaldin National Park is the first national park in Trisandra. People have always wondered what was behind those mountains near gateway, and when they finally decided to see, they were amazed. A volcanic wonderland opened up before them. A snow covered area with lava flows, and a few geysers. There were also more than 15 huge peaks, and 10 cinder cones, all active at the same time. This area is as great in volcanic activity as the Big Island of Hawaii. No maintained roads have yet been made into the park, but there are more than 20 backcountry board walks that let you see the magnificent lava flows and volcanic activity. Shishaldin is where ice and fire collide, it is DEFINITELY the place to go for a vacation, and DEFINITELY the place to go when you wish to get out into the wilderness.

Unalaska National Park

Unalaska National Park protects all of Unalaska Island except for the Pimacestone Reservation and the town of Sredinny. This amazing island contains a labyrinth of valleys and fjords, that provide a SPECTACULAR view of the beautiful, alive pacific ocean, and a few viewpoints of seperate islands. This park was signed by president Vonhorn Lol in 2063, near the end of his presidential years.

National MonumentsEdit

Delta National Monument

Delta National Monument, signed in 2060 by president Vonhorn Lol is the first TPS unit of any kind. It protects the wetlands that the Gateway River creates at its delta. Visiting this monument will likely give you beutiful sights of alligators and bird flight. It was mainly created to protect the endangered birds that lie within this region. It is only accessible by kayak and canouing (motor boats are too risky).

Mckinley National Monument

Mckinley National Monument protects the continents tallest peak, Mount Mckinley (commonly Denali Peak), and the surrounding mountains. People flock more than 1000 miles to view this amazing mountain, as it towers over the clouds, and some even attempt to climb this beast. Mount Mckinley is almost imprinted into the sky, as if it were a cloud. Truly an amazing view. This park was signed by president Vonhorn Lol in 2062

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