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The Tripartite of Neutrality

What is it? Edit

The Tripartite of Neutrality is a coalition of the three nations Russia, Japan, and Gracana, and as of recently, the VVZBR. All four nations pledge economic and militaristic support of one another, and provide humanitarian aid in times of need. The Tripartite has pledged to stay neutral in outside conflicts, provided they do not affect or threaten the Tripartite's right to be neutral.

Past summitsEdit

The first summit of the Tripartite was its founding, in Moscow, Russia. Those leaders present were the Gracanan General Poderso(Texar), the Russian President Stefen Tyro Stanislavski(Tyro76), and the Japanese Prime Minister (Elorfanato).

The second summit of the Triparite was the addition of the VVZBR in Kiev, Ukraine. Leaders present were Tyro76, Elorfanato, Texar, and Djzman.

Past conflictsEdit

The reclaiming of Northern Gracana by four Russian infantry divisions, two tank divisions, and eleven naval vessels.

The Russia/Japan V. Hessia naval war. Results: the dissolution of the Hessian government, as well as the destruction of its naval fleet.

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