Trabar is a planet, that has a another atmosphere than Earth.. It contains alot of unknown animal life, and plants..

The systemEdit

The planet "Trabar" is placed in a system with 3 planets:


A small gas planet nearest to the sun.


An inhabitable world, between the 2 gas planets.


This system's Gas giant.


A young red dwarf sun.


The planet do no rotate around itself, and that caused a sand desert to be made against sun, and a ice desert to be formed away from sun. Between the 2 great deserts, do we find a purple jungle, where the inhabitants live. It do not have any (what is it named?) plates, and has therefor no mountains, neither oceans...

Animal lifeEdit

(coming soon)

Plant lifeEdit

(coming soon)

Intelligent lifeEdit

For now, only the EL's, and Laginia are known as "intelligent life" on this young planet

They have created 3 settlements on the planets surface:




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