Totanio was established in south Moldova in 1179. Totanio never had glory until 1523 when it became the capital of MME. In 1897 the capital status was moved from Totanio down to Liberia. Totanio is one of the biggest cities in MME besides Kofikia, Kelpto, and Ropartia.


Totanio is a town nestled at the corner of Sotren. Docks sprout out of the side of the city into the Black Sea. One of these docks is usually occupied by the Lutania from August-March and from March-June it can be docked anywhere in the world. The Lutania has a rigorus journey to escape the Black Sea it must follow the Dan River all the way to the Artica Circle and from there can go west and south inot the Atlantic. Some ports of the ship are:




-Chevek City



-Fort Chaos



Totanio is home to 39,074 citizens. The Lutania also acts like a immigration ship. 100's of people come every year but 90% migrate to other parts of the empire. Slowly every year Totanio grows to reclaim its fame. Rumors are spreading that when Michael dies, that they will move the capital either to Ropartia and dramtically shift the empire or back to Totanio. Another fact is that Totanio held the capital for longer than any other city in MME.

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