The Timor Oil Company is a Melanesian Registered company and one of the largest Companies in Melanesia. It's recent expansion is a direct result of the Melanesian government pushing the Country's Primary sector into the world spotlight. The Timor oil Company was founded in 2003 Registered in Portugese Timor. Since then it has came to buy out companies such as Tengarra Solutions Ltd. and several other companies based around Oil drilling and selling. 

Active RegionsEdit

The Timor Oil Company is Active around the world With Active Drilling operations in: Poland(Baltic Sea EEZ), Melanesia, Turkey(West Quarna Field, Iraq), Kalimanitan Borneo and Sulawesi, Phillippines, Malaysia.

Active Sales operations are in: Poland, Melanesia, South German Coalition, Kalimanitan Borneo and Sulawesi, Malaysia, Philippines, Jakartean Federation, New Zealand.

Possibly more to be added later...

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