Time in this project is based on periods. One period lasts from the 1st of a month to the 28th of a month. From the 29ths to 31st we evaluate, rest and metagame, so we are prepared for another month of slaughter. One period ingame is 1 year. Inbetween those periods, 20 years passes by. So in a whole month from the 1st to the 31st there passes 21 years. If you wish, your character can survive 4 periods(born in the first and dies in the last).. No more.

Each day in a month lasts 5 ingame days.

An ingame year takes 140 days to pass, and humanity has adapted to this. Each season spands ingame 35 days, starting with beginning of winter.

These last 3 days of a month can also be used to finish roleplay or end wars.

Example of a 31 day month.Edit

1st: 1st to 5th

Winter begins

2nd: 6th to 10th 3rd: 11th to 15th 4th: 16th to 20th 5th: 21st to 25th
6th: 26th to 30th

7th: 31st to 35th

Winter ends.

8th: 36th to 40th

Spring begins.

9th: 41st to 45th 10th: 46th to 50th
11th: 51st to 55th 12th: 56th to 60th 13th: 61st to 65th

14th: 66th to 70th

Spring ends.

15th: 71st to 75th

Summer begins.

16th: 76th to 80th 17th: 81st to 85th 18th: 86th to 90th 19th: 91st to 95th 20th: 96th to 100th

21st: 101st to 105th

Summer ends.

22nd: 106th to 110th

Fall begins.

23rd: 111st to 115th 24th: 116th to 120th 25th 121st to 125th
26th: 126th to 130th 27th: 131st to 135th

28th: 136th to 140th

Fall ends.

29th: Evaluating. 30th: Resting.
31th: Metagaming.

1st: 1st to 5th

Winter begins.


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