The Thundarian Republic's history is very short because it has been recenty formed.Its one and first leader/president has lead a great start and in the years up coming hopes to win again to lead another extra year.The main event thats happened for all of us is countructing the great Sky Tower.It took very long to counstruct.51,693 workers woked on building it all up.It now stands looking out acorss the Atlantic Ocean.The endless looking sea.

Daily LifeEdit

The dailt life of a citizen is very intesting to other nations.57% of the population is farmers/workers.31% are in the military.22% Are other jobs like lawyer/office worker,Etc.The farmers daily life is waking up at about 6:30-7:00 then eating a healthy breakfast.Afterwards they start working at about 7:15-7:30.Then about at 4:00 they take a break and eat lunch.Then they work until 8:00-8:30.Then the go to bed.For military/men/women they wake up very early at about 6:00-6:15.Get showered put on cloths chat and get gear.From 6:30-5:30 they train hard.At 5:30 they eat dinner then go back to there tents talk hangout listen to music and for holidays they have a good party.And for the others well...They all have different schuedules about euqual to a military/farmers sort of. :P


Our military takes up about 31% of our population.About 24,000 men/women are in it.These honored people train daily to stay in top fitness and good conditions.These honored men and women are elite and strong.About 25% of all the people who ried to join are chosen for elite training.There only 15% of what remained moves on to become a soldier.Ranks in order lowest to highest:Recruit(Training)Private(Finished training)Corporal(Battle exp's)Sargeant(Commands squad of 3)Staff Sargeant(Controls squad of 5-10)Gunnery Sargeant(Controls a gunner squad or tank squad of 3)Luetinent(Controls squad of 15-20)2nd Luetinent(Controls lower ranks in a squad of 40-50)Major(Controls a division)Colonel(Controls platoon)General(Controls 5 platoons)Commander(Controls all of the military)

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