Thundaria is the capital city of the Thundarian Republic and is home of the leader of the the rule.The beachs are a war/ressource to our military and residential area.A large market is very useful.And with a large population living in apartments.The average age of getting married here is 27.Most of our men entered the military at 23 here.The food mostly grown here is corn cabbage and grapes.Our three holidays are Freedom Day,April 17th.Christmas,December 25th.And Good Luck Day,December 31.The city is 97% Roman Catholic 2% Chaos and 1% Unknown.So far our tallest building is Sky Tower overlooking the great Atlantic Ocean.This building is held strong because of the 4 poles that hold it into the ground.We have only 1 VERY large cargo ship that is protected by 4 tiny cruisers.Fishing industry has one major area with tons of fish.They mate here always and we only capture enough for the people who eat fish to survive.Our Grand Destroy the TDS Zero is docked here and defends the port,along with two aircraft carriers and a missle ship.All 3 ports are defended from sea attacks.Actually all is safe from sea attacks at close and long range.The militaries gun here is the G36 and side arm is Glock18.Goodbye peoplez!

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