Admiral Orlok

A wealthy Vaktovian man.

Vaktovians. The descendants of humans....

Vaktovians are the inhabitants of the planets Vakta and Vaktovia. Originally, the Vaktovians were colonists that landed on Vakta, and neighboring Vaktovia. Vakta, a lush, hospitable landscape, was the desirable planet to live on. However, Vaktovia is a barren, inhospitable planet. The original colonists could not even breathe the air without help from special respirators. After several generations, the descendants of the original colonists on Vaktovia exhibited aspects of a new race entirely. Most Vaktovians today do not need breathing apparati to breath the air.

Anatomy of the Vaktovian.Edit

The anatomy of the standard Vaktovian is much the same as a human. Differences include superior strength, larger muscle density, sturdier skeleton and organ system, and a highly superior respiratory system. The immune system of Vaktovians has grown extremely resistant against illnesses and disease.

Other information.Edit

Vaktovians are proven to be better adapted to hostile climates, and functions even better in lush environments, such as the one on Vakta. It is completely possible for Vaktovians and Humans to breed. However, all offspring made between Humans and Vaktovians will demonstrate Vaktovian aspects only, as all Vaktovian genes are proven to be dominant over pathetic human genes...

Feats of power have shown Vaktovians to be on par with many larger alien races, including the... former inhabitants of Vaktovia. They once were completely superior to the puny formerly human colonists, but a Vaktovian can easily match or overpower their strength.

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