Excerpt from the live showing of Khan Temuji's speech on China's harboring of Mongol Iron Terrorists. Edit

Men, Women, and children of not only the Khanate but the world, you may have heard of as late that the nation of China has been found to not only harbor but protect remnants of the terrorist organization known as Mongol Iron, an organization that to sought to overthrow the Khanate and killed innocent civilians from the khanate and foreign friends. My Generals and Minister of both Defense and War have petitoned me to declare war on China to not only punish them for protecting the terrorists but to punish them for not handing over war criminals! I beleive if my father was still allive today he would have gone down the path he thought was right, the path that Mongolians followed centuries ago! We are not the savages we were before always extracting our revenge, I am Khan and i must put the people of the Khanae before myself and petty revenge. I am tired, my family is tired, and i believe this world is tired of hearing Mongol in the same sentence as war, So i will do the sensible thing, the modern and righteous thing and petition the International Union to step in and take cae of the matter, but if they will not help then in the best intrest of the nation i shall capitulate and name my cousin Bayamar Khan and let him lead this nation to whatever his will is. Edit

As the Khan walks off the stage on the palaces front steps, Cheering from the Mongolain people can be heard but booing and jeering can also be heard and the faces of some of the generals and the two minsters reflect it. Edit

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