The Jaharian RaceEdit


A Jaharian Man

Little is known about the Jaharians because, as they were once endangered, are very shy, but curious creatures. They have adapted well to their water envirorment, and are now the apex-predator of the seas.

Physical TraitsEdit

Length: They average from about 8-10 feet long

Weight: They weigh 2 tons.

Color: They are a multitude of colors, but are usually a blue-green.

Skin: They have Scaley armoured skin.

Planet of OrginEdit

The Jaharians come from the planet of Ja'Ulim a once lush, jungle planet, but after many years of rising sea levels, it has become 90% covered in water with a few islands. Ja'Ulim is a planet in which it is mostly summer, but it rains all day, but it stops four times a year, in which the Jaharians leave the water and rejoice the gods of rain have blessed them. Although most of the Jaharians believe in nature spirits, 13% of the populations does not.


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