{{Infobox |Box title = Arelian Democracy |image = Image: |caption = The Arelian Democracy Flag |Row 1 title = Official Language(s) |Row 1 info = Ar'lak, Dar'Kig |Row 2 title = Other Language(s) |Row 2 info = Ari'dep |Row 3 title = Races |Row 3 info = Arelian, Kig-Yar Commonwealth |Row 4 title = Government |Row 4 info = -President of the United Arelian Worlds. |Row 5 title = Currency |Row 5 info = Arelian Pound |Row 6 title = Territories |Row 6 info = Da'Rem III, Da'Rem IV, Karig Artificial Dome Biome.|Row 7 title = Neighbor(s) |Row 7 info =


The Current Government is a democracy and the president is elected after 6 years.


The Technology is mainly designed by the Arelian scientists, but the Kig-Yar have spared their knowns of the universe and together they have continued together.

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