This tier system ranks from 7 to 0, with 0 being the most advanced tier. It is used to categorize species on where they stand in terms of their technological acheivements. As a note, not all the listed traits are required for a civilization to be listed in a category.

Tier 7: Pre-IndustrialEdit

Tier 7 is one of the most common and stable states, with limited weaponry and environmental threats. Societies tend to be small and scattered, driven by subsistence farming, foraging, or hunter-gathering needs. Technology is limited to simple hand made tools, weapons, or agrarian implements and methods, but a very broad understanding of planetary and solar mechanics is not uncommon.

Tier 6: Industrial AgeEdit

Tier 6 is often the pinnacle for a civilization. Agrarian societies can remain stable in the pre-industrial stage, but Tier 6 population strain and mechanized food production invariably create political and economic pressures very few can balance. Moving past this usually promises advancement. Some societies improve environmental and medical understanding concurrently with mechanical and transport advancement. Those that do not are frequently doomed.

Tier 5: Atomic AgeEdit

Tier 5 species usually begin focusing on clean energy production. The occasional belligerent species will use atomic energy for weapons, often resulting in mass extinctions. In-atmosphere craft are a hallmark, often leading to manned space flight, albeit in a short-scale.

Tier 4: Space AgeEdit

Tier 4 is often the final resting place for species intelligent enough to break free from their cradle's surface only to fill the gulf surrounding it with war. Their comfort-focused technology can include medical advances as well.

Tier 3: Space-FaringEdit

Species has efficient slipspace navigation, mass drivers, holocrystal storafe, and semi-sentient AI (though their creation requires memory transfer from the freshly deceased and/or flashcloning). They have had no outside influence.

Tier 2: InterstellarEdit

The species has the ability to perform exceedingly accurate Slipspace navigation, near-instantaneous communication, and man-portable application of energy manipulation.

Tier 1: World BuildersEdit

The species has the ability to manipulate gravitational forces, create AI with full sentience, fabricate super-dense materials, perform super-accurate Slipspace navigation, the ability to create life, and the ability to create worlds.

Tier 0: TranssentientEdit

This is a theoretical ceiling. It is suspected that these species can travel across galaxies and accelerate the evolution of intelligent life.

SEP Empire RankingsEdit

Tier 7:

Tier 6:

Tier 5:

Tier 4: Seperate Nations of Utvin

Tier 3:

Tier 2:

Tier 1:

Tier 0:

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