Asterian Map 4

"And from the skies so came such a light that the morning flowers blosomed,

and from the light did come a woman of such beauty the men bowed and the women prayed.

The lady so thus drew the attention of all and there from called forth her eternal reign on our world,

the reign of Asteria so arose and the people thus unified and flourished."

- The Book of Akmahlan, Unification IV, Part 12, Subchapter 9.

The Technocratic Republic of AsteriaEdit

Asteria, the Technocratic Repiblic of Asteria, Akmahla, our people are called many things, but there is one thing which remains true regardless of what name we choose to go under: Our glory is endless and our might is great, our hearts are brave and our brains full. We ARE the Asterian people and we ARE the one true heirs to this galaxy.

The people of Asteria have lived on our homeworld, Akmahla, in the stellar system of Stelaria since the dawn of time. We are an ancient race, having lived in this galaxy far longer than the Humani which have so recently appeared in our space and, indeed, longer than most other races in this region. We have lived in harmony with ourselves for as long as we can remember, but these new comers, these new races... Unrest spreads quickly through the republic.

The Gloriful LandsEdit

The Technocratic Republic of Asteria holds these major settlements. Approach our lands at your own risk, few shall survive the trip out.

The Mighty PeopleEdit

Here you shall find brief bits of information on our people. We do not tolerate espionage and are not generally likely to share information on our people with outsiders, so consider yourselves lucky, mortals...

  • Population: 117,872,250 (117.9 Million)
  • Imigration: 0 (Yearly Average)
    • Tourism: 0 (Legally)
      • Out Of: Asterians do not leave the Republic.
      • In To: 0
    • Citizenship: 0 (Legally)
      • Loss Of: 0
      • Gain Of: 0
    • Illegal: 0 (Roughly)
  • Interstellar Economic Rating: Grade E (Failing)
  • Internal Economic Rating: Grade A (Flourishing)
  • National Crime Rate: 0.19% (Low)
  • National Morale: 91% (Roughly)
  • Government Approval: 97% (Roughly)
  • Primary Religion: Akmahlanism
  • Primary News Source: Kansatia (KAN12)


Here are some helpful resources on unstanding the Asterian people:

Outside Resources may be found at this links to help one better understand some of the terms that appear throughout Asterian pages:

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