Tarczabrzeg is a Village on the south east coast of the island of bornholm.


Tarczabrzeg is the economical and cultural center of the Tarcza Voivodeship. Tarczabrzeg was founded as one of the first VVZBR Settlements, and was the first of many overseas territories, the island of bornholm was under the control of the VVZBR as a result of the marriage of Swietoslawa, a relative of the first Grand voivode who stayed loyal to the Crown of poland and Eventually the Voivodiary rule of Eastern europe. Tarczabrzeg is named after the shore line where it is based, the shore line is called the shield shore or Tarcza Shore because it naturally forms a land shield in which boats can harbor away from harsh winds and tidal movement. On the island is a testament to the Vilkist Deity Vielki Bialy Vilk or Vielki Vilk, Along side is a garden under constant construction, the most influentual Grand-Voivodes earn a statue of them here. Statues include Tomasz I, Tomasz II, Wladyslaw the Great, Kazimierz the Destroyer and Amadeusz-Kai.


Tarczabrzeg is based on a low shoreline, the cape Tarcza brzeg is based on is pushed out into the Baltic sea from the mainland, forming Tarcza Bay.


The Village is a Great source of tourism in the VVZBR as many flock to it to see the wonderous white wolf and subsequent white voivode statues in the Grand square. While tourism is high much of the indigenous population of the island base their economy solely around fishing in the baltic sea. it is one of the largest fish producers of the baltic.


  • Fish

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