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New Asia Empire
Taiwan is run by a dictated government, currently a president named: Pia Turuk. Pia Turuk has commendations in almost all of Taiwans military services as well as from most Taiwanese universities.

The Taiwanese navy consists of:

-7 Type 93 frigates

-26 Type 68 destroyers

-18 Vulture patrol ships

-20 Scourer minesweepers

-5 Jakarta supercarriers (Nimitz x2-Length)( Nimitz x1.5- Width)

Many belive the Taiwanese land-force is very limited. Taiwan claims to have a force of under 200,000 troops.

The Taiwanese air-force consists of 463 Xia Tun jump-jets using repuslor lifts. Also including 75 old helicopters from the existing Republic of China Air-Force.

Taiwan controls the world-spanning company 'TAC', rumored to be used to Taiwan's advantage.

Taiwan is a member of the LoN and allies with:



Taiwan trades with:






Taiwan focusses on trade and economic power, Taiwan plans for its only weapon being a defense force and a strong economic foundation.


Taiwan's motto. In the national language of Thai. [Thai was accepted as a national language down to the 'Pact of Communication' Between Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Indoniesia. The pact signaled the end of Chinese (Taiwanese). Most of the other languages had been taken by earlier pacts.]

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