600px-Flag of the Sultanate of Zanzibar (1963).svg

Flag of Valastia

The Sultanate of New Valastia

Located in former Saudi Arabia the Sultanate of New Valastia rules a large portion of the Mid-east. The leader is the Sultan and the legislacture is a body of 300 seats. Called the Upper House of Advisors deals with important matters of state.

Another body of 600 members is called the Lower House of Advisors helps with day-to-day matters. New Valastia is a very oil rich country considering its spot in the world. And production of oil is very high in New Valastia.

Law enforcement is handled by Special forces command (SFC) for major situations. But handled by Civilian Enforcement Authority (CEA) for regular situations like robberies. And finally handled by the National Peacekeeper Program, or (Peacekeepers) for short for Gendarmerie.

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