Vietnam, once a country of itself, hated by many due to ungrateful, horrid, and hateful leaders, now a state to the country of Indochina. The state leader is now Tai Shen Le. The country keeps crime, education, state protection, industry growth, and medical funds in check.

Vietnam is not recognized by the foolish Northern Atlantic Republic who post ignorance to the world. Vietnam is a state to Indochina, and will be untill death to the world itself. The North Atlantic Republic is a ignorant nation that threatens the world by not recognizing self existing items. The people of Vietnam see the N.A.R. as a threat to the country, and the world. Vietnam's state capitol has been re-named Saigon, after nearly 61 years of the city being named simply, Ho Chi Minh city.

Vietnam's main faith is Bhuddism, and Shintoism.

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