Santa ElenaEdit

Santa Elena is a small mining village along the very cliffside of the Santa Elena canyon. Santa Elena is the center of mining resources for the lmaoian empire. It has two zinc mines and a copper mine. In 1801, during Lmao the 1st's reign over lmaoia, people tried to escape Emory to form a new peaceful colony in which noone would know about. They were successful, that is, for lmao the 1sts reign. Later, Christopher Rofl, the first president of the Lmaoian Empire, set foot with a group of explorers hoping to find other civilizations. This led to Santa Elena becoming part of the Lmaoian Empire in 1831 when the caravan finally reached Santa Elena. It was also then when people had discovered the great everlasting source of mining resource in the walls of the Santa Elena canyon. Santa Elena was also the first settlement in the lmaoian empire to allow gambling. Even though Santa Elena isnt anything like Las Vegas or Reno, its nice to take a trip over there and spend maybe a day in a small motel.

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