===The Sto-Vilk === Sto-Vilk is Czloviek Rovniny for 100 Wolves. The Sto-Vilk emerged in the Rowniny shortly after the re-opening of borders by Grand-Voivode Tomasz II. They believed the re-opening of borders was wrong, and harmed the people. They by definition are a Religous Fanatics that partake in Terrorist activities in order to create fear amongst the people of Rowniny. Recent events they have done include.

-The Brutal murder of Arch-Voivode Stanislaw Z Tarcza

-The destruction of the Vilkist temple in Bialy

-The Arson of the Bialy Engineering University

-The destruction of the Voivodiary center in Bialy

The PurgeEdit

The purge took place in 2071, after the death of his brother Grand-Voivode Jacek Z Bialy Ordered the killing of all VVZBR Citizens Who did not renounce their support of the Sto-Vilk, this purging of what Jacek deemed the unpure shined him in a bad light at first as 2000 people were executed. During the purge the Grad Bialy Vilk was resited 2500 times, the Highest since times of Wladyslaw the Great. A Ceremony was held for those who were executed that they might have better luck when they relive this life, That they may better follow the guidance of the wolf.

The Period of political abstainanceEdit

As Amadeusz-Kai was sworn in as Arch-Voivode, the Rowniny Borders were closed, Trade was stopped. Their abstainance from trade was sure to harm the world economy as they had established massive trade levels. Military agreements are temporarily nullified during this period, and the Grand Voivodiary ball is presumed cancelled. This may inevitably have a bad effect on the worlds relations with Rowniny but that was not the primary concern when decided upon.

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