Supreme Court Rome

Supreme Court, or Palace of Justice, truly the center of Italian judicial cases.

European Trade Center

The European Trade Center, an economic powerhouse in Rome.

Rome is the capital city of the Italian Republic , and situated in Central Italy, situated on the river Tiber

Rome is currently occupied by 50,000 Maltese troops with over 3,000 vehicles. Italian forces amouting over 80,000 soon plan to take over the city once more, and begin fighting for Italy.


Rome has several landmarks, one most notably being the Colloseum. Rome also has the Stadio Olimpico, an

The 15 Story Obelisk in Rome. Situated in the Financial District

olympic sized stadium often used for pan-European football matches.

A 15 story obelisk in Central Rome also marks the beginning of the rebellion against Malta.

Italians often consider their capital building to also be a landmark.

Methods of transportEdit

Rome has an intracut road network, consisting of a highway and many inner city roads.

Alike most modern capitals, Rome also has a subway network, which was fought for valiantly by Italian troops as a final fortress during Maltese occupation, most of which damage is still visible inside.

Rome has issued plans for a sky train network, as seen in Bangkok, and many other Asian cities.

Rome has it's own international airport, only accesible from the city's highway and subway networks.

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