Roblox Defence Initiative (RoM branch)Edit


RDI is a Military Branch of Republic of Mer

We are Brothers to the end

We are the Hammer of RoM

We Fight to defend

RDI is a corperation funded by the RoM. We are the special forces for RoM but also help others as long as they are in alliance with RoM. This military is as advance as we can be. We are the jedi of RoM. All soldiers of this military branch will be omnipontent.

Current army size-0

Project Charter Forts- RDI forts must be built and brought up to full potency(Objective 1)

Project Independence- This Project is to start off RoM and begin thier Republic once they have a strong economy and military this project will be terminated (Objective 2)

Project Trenton- The land of New Jersey will be inhabited By RDI and RoM Villages Forts Towns and Cities.(Objective 3)

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