321px-Oleo Guadalupe Victoria

Revoloto Ze Grand, the first leader of The Revolotionairs, 1867

The Revolotionairs are a famous cult/terrorist organization in Valasistia.

There believes are that they are the chosen one of god too clean the world of sins. But there real pourpuse is too inbed fear into the Valasistian Public. Revoloto Ze Grand was the first leader but he died of The Great Virus of 1870. After his death people blamed The Valasistian Government for his death and soon they became a terrorist group. Only recently they started too do cult-like activates like killing people because of religious believes.


The Revolotionairs do not have a offical "military" but they did steal a lot of military armorments. Today we fear they have stolen a nuclear weapon from Valasistia and plans too use it. Not much is known about what they stole. But records from the army say they have 3,000 guns 53,000 bombs and 30 jeeps armed with michine guns.

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