(This is for me to refference in future.) This is the written constitution of the Republic of Greater Melanesia signed and ratified on the 18th of May 2030.


We, the representatives of the Melanesian people united together to form the Greater Melanesian State, gathered in General Constituent Assembly by the will and election of the Provinces which compose it, in fulfillment of pre-existing pacts, in order to form a Greater Melanesian Republic, guarantee justice throughout the lands of the republic, secure domestic peace throughout the peoples of the republic, provide for the common defense of the peoples of the republic, promote the general welfare of those people and secure the right of freedom to ourselves, to our posterity, and to all men of the world who wish to dwell upon Melanesian land: invoking the protection of the will of the people who dwell here, source of all reason and justice in these lands: do ordain, decree, and establish this Constitution for the Republic of Greater Melanesia. 

Declarations, Rights and GuaranteesEdit

Section 1.:Edit

The Republic of Greater Melanesia adopts the federal republican representative form of government, as this Constitution establishes.

Section 2.:Edit

The Federal Government supports the right to the free practice of religion without threat of persecution, but reserves the right to condemn a religion that actively attacks the right to free practice of religion.

Section 3.:Edit

The authorities in charge of the Federal Government shall reside dependent on the needs of the government and the decisions to be discussed by the government in the three cities to be declared Capital of the Republic by a special law of Congress, once settled the cession of the territory to be federalized by one or more provincial legislatures.

Section 4.:Edit

The Federal Government provides for the expenditures of the Nation with the funds of the National Treasury, composed of the proceeds of export and import duties, the sale or lease of lands owned by the Nation, the revenues of the Posts, other taxes equitably and proportionally levied on the population by the National Congress, and of whatever loans and credit transactions Congress may order in case of national emergencies or for enterprises of national interest.

Section 5.:Edit

Each province shall enact its own constitution under the republican, representative system, in accordance with the principles, declarations, and guarantees of the National Constitution, ensuring its administration of justice, municipal regime, and elementary education. Under these conditions, the Federal Government shall guarantee each province the full exercise of its institutions. 

Section 6.:Edit

The Federal Government may intervene in the territory of the provinces in order to guarantee the republican form of government or to repel foreign invasions; and at the request of their constituted authorities, it may intervene to support or reestablish them, should they have been deposed by sedition or invasion from another country. 

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