Before the Great War in 1902 Estonia rose, she rose with a glory like no other, but as it rose it also fell the Iron Fist that was ruling Estonia collapsed and swallowed itself like a black hole, and so in 1912 Estonia fell, never to be seen again and engulfed by Latvia until the Rebellion on 1915 which killed thousands. Former congressmen and government of Estonia rebelled against the Latvian forces causing mass riots on the streets of the former Estonian Capital Tallinn which was owned by Latvia at the time. The Rebellion lasted until 1916 when Latvian Government and forces could take no more, so they pulled back to their home in Latvia...but Estonia wanted revenge...revenge for what the Latvian government did to their people...tortue, slavery, death and cruelty, they wanted revenge. So in 1918 Estonia had enough men and a strong enough force, they pushed into Latvia, taking the capital in under 4 months...and in 5 months Latvia is no more..and now a part of Estonia. Now in 1923 Estonia has taken Latvia and still holds it for now, they do not treat the Latvian people as they treated the Estonian's, but much better...all the Estonian's wanted was their they got it, and now they live in peace in peace until further notice...

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