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Republic of Eastern China


Flag of China -No Outline-

Coat of Arms -No Outline-

Flag National Emblem

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Anthem: "中華民國國旗歌"

Eastern China Provinces
Capital Beijing
Largest city Shanghai
National language Chinese
Demonym Chinese
Government Federal presidental republic
 -  President Xang Shin-yun
 -  Prime Minister Chao Yunkai
Legislature National Assembly
 -  Upper house National Assembly
 -  Lower house Legislative Yuan
Historical Momments
 -  Xinghai revolution 10, October 1911
 -  Rise of a Republic 1, Januray 1912
 -  Failed Japanese Invasion 1931-1935
- Total 4,879,095 km2
- Water (%) .23%
 -  2013 estimate 1 Billion
 -  Density 124/km2

354/sq mi

GDP (PPP) 2032 estimate
 -  Total $16,982 trillion
 -  Per capita $10,198
GDP (nominal) 2032 estimate
 -  Total $13,461 trillion
 -  Per capita $8,890
Gini (2011) 45.7
HDI (2032) 0.6513
Currency East Chinese Yuan [¥]
Time zone (UTC+8)
 -  Summer (DST) (UTC−IDK to −IDK)
Drives on the Right
Calling code +86
ISO 3166 code ROC/CN
Internet TLD .cn

Under Reform -TokyoMage

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