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Republic of Dewei

Gònghéguó de Dewei


There are three constants in life... change, choice and principles.

-Stephen Covey

Anthem: "Three Principles of the People"


Capital Beijing
Largest City Shanghai

National Language


Deweinese (Dah-wahn-nese)


Presidential Constitutional Republic

 -  President De Dalskai
 -  Vice President Calso Myadisaga

Speaker of the House

Muchi Toshika

Active Troops-1,250,000


Legislature Senate
 -  Main House Main House
Acts of Union

- Chinese Reformation

- Deweinese-Hainan Unification

February, 8th 2019

January, 3rd, 2037

 -  Total 5,428,400 km2 (2032 census)

3373051 sq mi (2032 census)

 -  Water (%) I dunno
 -  2032 estimate 311,598,000 (2037 census)
 -  Density IDK/km2

IDK/sq mi

GDP (PPP) 2032 estimate
 -  Total $IDK trillion
 -  Per capita $IDK
GDP (nominal) 2032 estimate
 -  Total $IDK trillion
 -  Per capita $IDK
Gini (2011) IDK
HDI (2013) IDK


Time zone (UTC 0 to +8)
 -  Summer (DST)  (UTC/GMT 0 to +8)
Drives on the Right
Calling code +7
ISO 3663 code RD
Internet TLD .RD .rd

The Republic of Dewei (Dah-why) was founded after the Chinese Reformation in 2022. Commonly known as Dewei. It's a developing country in eastern China.

It has 21 states with a population of 311,598,000 as of the 2037 census. Dewei recieves immigrants from other parts of Asia, Oceania, and North America. The nation's capital city is Beijing, but it's largest is Shanghai. The Republic of Dewei shares borders with Khanate of Mongolia, Commonwealth of India, Kingdom of Indo-China, East Turkestan Republic,  Kingdom of Tibet, and the Republic of Hong Kong. Dewei has a sucessful economy with it's currency being the 3rd strongest in Asia (Euro the first and Yen the second).


In 2022, the People's Republic of China seperated into three countries, Kingdom of Tibet , East Turkestan Republic , and the Republic of Dewei. (meh, i'll get to a more detailed version)


The Republic of Dewei have a strong economy. Since President De came to power, it's econominal structure was vastly improved.

Taxes are put into the treasury, military, and public services. A national lottery funds education. Agriculture and industry grow big in Dewei.

Natural resources such as shrimp, fish, tungsten, titanium, zinc, graphite, tin, mercury, coal, nickel, lead, iron, manganese, the platinum family, livestock, and varieties of plants. Dewei ranks third in the world in the deposit of 45 important minerals. It is one of a few countries where mineral deposits are rich and varieties are fairly complete. These resources bring in significant amount of money.

Armed Forces

The Republic of Dewei has 5 divisions. Total Forces-4,000,000

Deweinese Infantry Forces (DIF)

The army is the main composure of the military. It includes infantry, a medium sized helicopter fleet, and armored vehicles.

Vehicles: M1 Abrams (20), WD-525 (2100)

Deweinese Navy (DN)Edit

The Navy pilots the Deweinese fleet. They control most Marine operations and transport them. They have a some-what of a small helicopter fleet and armored vehicles for the Marines.

Vehicles: M1 Abrams (6), WD-525 (700)

Deweinese Air Force (DAF)

The Airforce has control over Dewei's aircraft. They are also responsible for transporting the Airborne Regiments.

Deweinese Jinying Zhanshi (DJZ)Edit

The elite force of men that recieve only the most qualified soldiers from the Marines and the Infantry Forces. They have recieved the nickname "The Rice Pickers". These men are trained in a variety of environments and tactics.

Vehicles: M1 Abrams (4), WD-525 (50)

-Training Recieved-


The Deweinese peoples are Mandarin and Oriental. They practice their traditions with joy for their heritage.

Diplomacy and TradeEdit



All NPCs


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