Republic of Abkhazia

Aphsny Axwynthqarra

Flag Logo/Coat

""(English translation)

"" (Abkhazi)

Anthem: ""


Capital Sukhumi
Largest city Sukhumi
Official languages

Abkhaz, Georgian

National Language Abkhaz
Demonym Abkhazi, Abkhaz
Government Unitary Semi-Presidential Republic
 -  President Leonid Ankvab
 -  Prime Minister
Legislature Peoples assembly
Formation of Nation
 -  Republic of Magadan 1937-Present Day
 -  Total 8,660 km2
 -  Water (%)


 -  Density ___/km2
GDP (PPP) 2032 estimate
 -  Total Something something zloty
 -  Per capita Something Something Zloty
GDP(nominal) 2032 estimate
 -  Total Err i duno
 -  Per capita Err i duno
Gini (2032) Err I duno
HDI(2032) Err I duno
Currency Zloty
Time zone (UTC+3)
Drives on the right
Calling code
Internet TLD .ak

The Republic of Abkhazia is a Sovreign nation in the caucasus region. It is bound by the Black sea, Russia and Georgia.

The nation has been locked in warfare with georgia since the independence war of 1937 funded and supported by poland in which independence was achieved.


In 1935 as a result of the break up of the soviet union, Georgia was made independent from the soviet union. Poland pledged support to all former soviet countries that wanted on the basis of installing the values of poland world wide, that all willfully free people have the right to self determination.

Georgia did not follow said value in that they did not allow abkhazia to secede from Georgia, although abkhazia was intent on becoming a sovreign nation. It lead to a bloody guerilla war that ended late 1935 with the installment of a large attachment of polish troops in the area. In 1936 an official request was made from poland to the government of Georgia that abkhazia be made a free nation. Georgia refused and in 1937 negotiations blew up into a full scale war. Georgia was outcasted and no longer recieved support from other former soviet nations under the guidance of Poland. Abkhazia gained independence and has since gone to war several times with Georgia, Georgia persistently claims the area of abkhazia as its own.

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