Renaissance ArchivesEdit

These archives include all renaissance historical information The term "Renaissance" is used in this case to describe the 16th and 17th centuries. Please posts your nations history to help expand the archives.


  • Lmao the 1st travels throughout North America, razing cities, and captures Emory.


  • Napunchunovia is founded


  • Santa Elena is founded by people attempting to find refuge from dictatorship Lmaoia


  • New Canaanite, the homeland of the Puchawi tribal people is razed by Lmao the First
  • Emory rebels against Lmao the 1st, Lmaoia becomes a free nation.


  • Puchawi tribals hear of a free land, Lmaoia, and the Great Puchawi Migration of 1650 occurs
  • Dune Village and Los Chihuahuas are founded during the Great Puchawi Migration.
  • Christopher Rofl is elected the first president of Lmaoia, he unites the neutral villages of Santa Elena, Napunchunovia, Dune Village, and Los Chihuahas under the same flag.


  • Rumplestein Rofl is elected the president of Lmaoia


  • Lmaoia is run down into economic depression.
  • People follow the others living in the Renaissance era and devote their life to art and song

1794 Edit

  • Now nearing the end of the renaissance era, Lmaoia drives back up from depression and instead enters a golden age of art and music.


  • Along with the Renaissance era, Lmaoias golden age ends.

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